HER AND SUTI, OVERSEERS OF WORKS AT THEBES, IN THE REIGN OF AMENHETEP III [British Museum Stele No. 475-9 1] 1. A Hymn of Praise to Amen when he riseth as Horus of the Two Horizons by Suti, the, Overseer of the Works of Amen, [and by] Her (Horus), the Overseer of the Works of […]


I wish to talk a little about Akhenaten. Akhenaten was born into the royal family of King Amenhotep III and Queen Tiye. There is evidence suggesting that Akhenaten’s parents were elevating Aten as the supreme God of the Egyptian patheon over the god Amun. They may or may not have been true monotheists although it […]

Unity of Our Faith

I was just reading some of the posts on our message board and a few things caught my attention. One was the disillusionment of many to Christianity and Judaism. It seems many have tried many different paths and have found them lacking. The belief in many gods just doesn’t make sense and it is universally […]

Light Is Our Salvation

What is the central core of our faith? Light is our salvation. It’s that simple really. Of course to understand what is meant by Light being our salvation we must understand that God is Light. Anything opposed to the Light is the material world. The material world is darkness. Our material existence is like a […]