I wish to talk a little about Akhenaten. Akhenaten was born into the royal family of King Amenhotep III and Queen Tiye. There is evidence suggesting that Akhenaten’s parents were elevating Aten as the supreme God of the Egyptian patheon over the god Amun. They may or may not have been true monotheists although it seems Queen Tiye had a tremendous influence over Akhenaten and His beliefs. That being said Akhenaten I believe was born with the knowledge of the true God and that He was truly the Son of God. I would also argue that Akhenaten was the first human being in history to become ONE WITH GOD. So Akhenaten was the first human to be God. As Atenists we know that there is NO CONFLICT between science and Atenism. We believe in the big bang theory of creation. We believe in the concept of EVOLUTION. We know that humans evolved from primitive apes millions of years ago. EVOLUTION for Atenists is a core concept of Atenism. We not only evolve physically as a species but also spiritually as potential Godlike beings. All living things have a soul, but there are different types or levels of being spirit wise . Animals for example have souls that are very primitve and earthbound while humans are more advanced in their spiritual evolution. Akhenaten was the most advanced human spiritually being the first that we know of to become God. Akhenaten and God are ONE. We as Atenists if we embrace the truth of Atenism completely it is very well possible to be ONE with God. Only a very few select people in the world are capable of evolving to the next spiritual level of Godhood. That is why there are so few Atenists in the world. For only Atenists can grasp the TRUTH. Even many who call themselves Atenists may not accept what I am revealing and thus are not ready to become God. I fully understand this paradox, since you may call yourselves Atenists but may not grasp the truth and remain blind in the darkness. Perhaps in the next life such people may evolve spiritually just enough to finally become ONE with GOD. Akhenaten stated something few understand in His legendary Hymn to Aten when he stated: “And there is no one that knows you (Aten) save your Son Akhenaten, who knows your plans and your might!”. He was declaring the truth, that in His time He was the only one to grasp the truth of His own Godhood, that He was an evolved being far in advance of the rest of the world’s human population. 3300 years later Atenism has returned to this world because evolution never ceases and we have today the capacity for Godhood if we so embrace it. WE ARE GOD; embrace that truism. The rest that mock our beliefs in this matter remain primitives lost in the darkness of their own ignorance.

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