What is the central core of our faith? Light is our salvation. It’s that simple really. Of course to understand what is meant by Light being our salvation we must understand that God is Light. Anything opposed to the Light is the material world. The material world is darkness. Our material existence is like a prison for the soul. The soul itself has many potential attributes for example an animal’s soul is very earthbound while an enlightened man like Akhenaten has a soul of pure Light which transcends the material world. Thus Akhenaten is not imprisoned in this material existence but can travel from the realm of Light to the material realm with ease. As Atenists we too want to attain a soul of pure Light. Such a being is not subject to the natural laws of material existence but is a free being. When a person dies, naturally if their soul is of this world, then they are bound to this world and cannot escape and is destined to be reborn a prisoner of the material plane of existence. A person whose soul is Light can transcend the bounds of death and is free to choose to be with God or to return to this world conscious of who they are and can decide what life they wish to live. So much misery in this world only because most people are ignorant of the Light and dwell in darkness. If people just knew that they have a choice to be like God and be free, their lives no matter where they dwell would be so much happier. Free will can only be attained by being one with God which is Light. If you can grasp that understanding you are on your way to freedom eternal.

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